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About us

Sustainable Swiss clothing & lifestyle brand


We are a young and active team from Switzerland that wants to return something to Mother Nature through offering sustainable and fair fashion. We want to make people aware of an important realisation: That our planet, on which we are only guests and which suffers heavily from human influence, is not replaceable. It is high time to wake up and do something about it. For every product sold we donate a certain amount to reforestation projects all over the world, organized by our partner OneTreePlanted.

„Tree by Tree“, one tree after another. Our slogan symbolizes our goal and our philosophy. With our success we invest in tree planting programs to counteract the global deforestation by planting trees in locations where trees have disappeared for various reasons such as agriculture, timber industry, habitat or natural events (forest fire, drought, ...). A single tree does not change the world overnight, but we plant “tree by tree” an make the world a greener place.

“NIKIN makes it easy for every person to do something good for the environment by planting a tree – but it’s not about the single tree but the whole movement in the right direction. We want to motivate people to live a more sustainable lifestyle. We plant tree by tree.”
Nicholas Hänny
CEO & Co-Founder of NIKIN
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Our slogan symbolizes our goal and our philosophy


Why do we want to support tree planting projects with our brand? WHY NOT?! We all grew up in rural areas spending our childhood in the nature. During our time as scouts we learned to appreciate and love nature. We realized that it is incredibly important to preserve the nature and environment with all their beauty. However, we realized that this does not seem to apply to all the people and that is why we wanted to take the initiative with NIKIN to maybe open the eyes of these people and show that it does not take much to live more sustainable and therefore do something good for nature.

Forests provide essentials for all living beings, such as oxygen, food, habitat and many more. Consequently, there is no life without trees. With small changes in the everyday life of each individual person, a great impact can be achieved. And that is why we want to give something back to nature with our project, in which we pass on a part of the proceeds from each product sold to environmental organisations which reforest our planet.


Variety and a common goal bring a fantastic atmosphere in our team. Together we can make a big impact and that’s what motivates us and makes us all proud to be a part of it.



Together we are looking for new innovative ideas for our brand NIKIN. We never stand still and bring our brand forward day by day and tree by tree.

Product & Design

We think about new product ideas, design them and implement them. It is important for us to use environmentally friendly materials and to realize the production of our products in Europe.


Our job is to pack the products you order in an environmentally friendly way, to personalise your tree certificate and to deliver everything safely to your home. It is exciting that we have new challenges every day.

Customer Service

Every day we try to communicate as openly as possible with our customers. We answer your messages and find a solution to your problem.


We make sure that NIKIN is not only sustainable when it comes to products and trees. We make sure that NIKIN is also financially sustainable!