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When I hug a tree, a tree is planted, and others have to buy a shirt to plant a tree?

With our HugATreeChallenge we want to support and promote NIKIN's tree philosophy even more. The trees planted thanks to the Challenge are sponsored by NIKIN. I think this is also in your interest, don't you? 😉

In your case, I recommend: grab your smartphone and your friends --> set off and find the one you've chosen. Once you find a suitable tree, hug it and take a unique photo/video. You now share this on Social-Media by tagging @nikinclothing and set the Hashtag #HugATreeChallenge and nominate 3 more people. Already you have planted another tree.

The best way is to watch the video

There you will find a detailed explanation of how the tree planting process works at NIKIN.

Where are these trees planted?

Where your tree is planted depends on where it is most needed. Therefore, your tree will be planted at the place where the NGO "One Tree Planted" organizes its next tree planting campaign. However, you can always keep up to date through our Instagram and Facebook account, One Tree Planted's account and their website.

Bad publicity?

Your attention was drawn by this challenge, wasn't it? So, it has been worth it for the tree problem and the advertising is not bad. We want to give people the opportunity to do something sustainable and good for our environment with a hug. This generates a kind of "shared value".

NIKIN becomes an

Clearly, such an action leaves an eco-footprint. Anyone can hug trees. Now you can leave your eco stamp behind and become a proud tree mother or father.

Who will help us organize the campaign?

To keep the whole challenge under control, we are working with a company that has set up the whole campaign for us. They are the specialists for exactly such challenges so that everything runs smoothly and neatly 😊

Why do we use it for advertising?

Nowadays, social media is an integral part of the whole advertising. No other medium has a comparable reach. That's why the social media are the best way to reach as many people as possible with our message.

How can I help plant even more trees?

Besides nominating your friends in the challenge, you can spread the word with people you know. If you want to help to plant even more trees, have a look at our online shop (we plant 1 tree per purchased product.)