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The most sustainable social media challenge ever

The HugATreeChallenge, is a social media campaign, designed not only to bring awareness to the mass deforestation that is occurring throughout the world. But also motivating and facilitating the protection and restoration of these vital habitats.  Every year millions of acres of woodland and rainforest are destroyed across the planet, not only leading to the mass extinction of thousands of unique species but removing an important regulator of CO2.

NIKIN Clothing, in partnership with One Tree Planted, has made it its goal to fight the damage we are causing to these environments. With every item purchased from NIKIN, they plant a tree, so far 180,488 trees have been planted, but this is not enough.  NIKIN needs your help!

That's where the #HugATreeChallenge comes in. The challenge aims to get an extra 100,000 trees planted. It's simple, Take a picture of yourself hugging a tree. Make sure you use the Hashtag #HugATreeChallenge in the post. Nominate your friends so the word spreads! Each photo under the Hashtag will count as a tree that will help save our rainforests. We want this to be a success, we want to fight against the forces of mankind who are destroying our planet, with little regard for anyone or anything but their wallets.  We think its time that platforms like Instagram are used for more than a social media site. Time is running out for the planet and the user base of Instagram is a resource that #HugATreeChallenge aims to use.

From the 19th of May 2019, posts will start appearing all over Instagram for the challenge.  But please, don’t wait for a nomination from your friends. If you are passionate about it then don’t wait!

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